Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to the Front Range Birding Club

Welcome to the Front Range Birding Club Blog!

This is a window to our world of field and backyard birding. Please welcome our bloggers Shannon Jennings, Sara Nelson and myself Tom Bush as we explore the many fascinating aspects of wild birds, their habitat, and unique behavior. We will utilize our many resources, contacts, and experience that daily enter our door at the Front Range Birding Company in Littleton, Colorado. Our stories will not only come from our local area in Colorado but also include travels all over the country. Look for storylines corroborated by experts from the Audubon Society of Greater Denver, the Denver Field Ornithologists, the Colorado Field Ornithologist, Master Birders, and other experts throughout Colorado. This blog will include features on backyard habitat, birding hot spots, photography, digiscoping, and have features on many specific birding subjects.

Please join us in our endeavor to learn more about the birding vocation. It is a great activity for the entire family so grab a pair of binoculars and let’s go birding!

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