Saturday, November 13, 2010

Walk the Wetlands the first Sunday in November

This past week I joined the Audubon Society of Greater Denver on the “Walk the Wetlands “bird walk in Chatfield State Park. It was a great day with perfect fall weather. Just a couple of days later we got our first snow and cold blow from the north. About 20 or so birders joined Urling kingery and other Master Birders to take in the great weather and the birds of Chatfield.

Our bird count with many already left on their migration was surprisingly good. Here is a list of the species we saw.

American kestrel
White Breasted Nuthatch
House Finch
American Crow
Downey Woodpecker
Common Merganser
Northern Flicker
White Crowned Sparrow
Black Capped Chickadee
American Tree Sparrow
Yellow Rumped Warbler
Golden Eagle
Ferruginous Hawk
Red Tail Hawk

I was without my scope and not able to digiscope but this female Downey Woodpecker came close but hid in the brush. Downey’s are always neat to watch foraging up and down limbs and trunks of trees.

Urling Kingery spotted possibly the last hurrah of a Dainty Sulfur butterfly. The great weather we have been having has enabled this summer resident to hang in there well into November.

A Ferruginous Hawk soared above and took sentinel duty on a hill top about half mile away. Once again I wished I had my spotting scope and point and shoot camera for this digiscoping opportunity.

I love the age range of birders that Audubon attracts on the walks. Nature provides a great bond for kids and adults.

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