Sunday, December 26, 2010

Eclipse on the Winter solstice

It was chilly but the perfect night to try and capture the total eclipse of the moon last week. On the night of December 21 I stayed up to digiscope the event. Using my Swarovski spottingscope and 20x60 eyepiece and a Leica DLUX-4 camera with a modified Leica digiscope adapter I got these shots.

The only difficult part was the moon was near vertical and my tripod wanted to tip over being so out of balance. Holding the tripod and shooting a burst of 3 shots at a time helped. I used shutter priority for the most part. It seemed my best results were with shutter speed between 1/160 and 1/180 and the exposure set at -1.5.

Here are the results. All times are mountain time. My only disappointment was not capturing the orange glow of the moon during the full eclipse. I guess I need to work on shutter speed and exposure settings.

Moon pre-eclipse at 9:42 PM 21 Dec

Moon at 12:28 AM 22 DEC

Moon at 12:24 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 12:48 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 12:54 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 1:03 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 01:17 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 01:27 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 01:43 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 01:46 AM 22 Dec

Moon at 01:50 AM 22 Dec

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