Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Rosy Finches at Red Rocks Trading Post

Rosy Finches at Red Rocks Trading Post

Like many I have enjoyed the nice group of not so familiar birds that are now reliably showing themselves at the Red Rocks Park Trading Post. Of note is the Flock of 100 +/- 50 Rosy Finches that do a group swirl around the structure. All three Rosy Finches are present (Grey Crowned, Black, and Hepburn.)They seem to enjoy hanging out on the cliff by the Trading Post planning their strategy on how to attack the birdseed deposits on the wall and ground under the bird feeders. They certainly are a cool sight considering most will soon depart for the northwest coast of Canada. They like the cold weather and many mornings return upslope to probably Evergreen in the 9 AM time frame so if you want to see them get there early – 7:30 or so. Accompanying the Rosy’s is a Curve Billed Thrasher, Gold-crowned, Harris's and White Throated Sparrow. All are not normal visitors of the Front Range and it is a great opportunity for Denver folks to enjoy.

All bird pictures were digiscoped using a Swarovski 20x60 80mm HD scope with a Leica DLux-4 Camera.

Looking up at the Red Rocks Trading Post. You can see the wall many of the birds like to perch on.

Groups watch and photograph from the porch.

From below the Trading Post porch. A great spot to shoot photos.

A single Grey Crowned feeding.

Group of Grey Crowned Rosy's on the wall.

Grey Crowned Rosy Finches on the rocks below the Trading Post.

Another shot on the rocks.

2 Grey Crowns perched on the wall.

Spotted Towhee.

Scrub Jay's are not to be denied at Red Rocks!

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